HMRC has confirmed the mandatory dates for making tax digital for income tax self-assessment (MTD SA) as announced in the Autumn Statement 2023.

From April 2026, taxpayers subject to income tax on their trade, profession, property income or business and who have income above £50,000 will be required to keep their accounting records electronically (either using suitable software or on a spreadsheet) and file quarterly update returns to HMRC with details of their income and expenditure together with any other information that HMRC specifies.

The mandatory date for self-employed taxpayers and landlords with income between £30,000 and £50,000 is April 2027.

There are currently no plans for MTD SA to be implemented for taxpayers with income below £30,000.

HMRC has also published an update notice announcing that quarterly updates will be cumulative. This will allow errors in one quarter’s reporting to be updated in the following quarter, removing the need to resubmit previous quarters.

The requirement to submit an end of period statement in addition to quarterly returns has been removed as planned.

Taxpayers who file self-assessment tax returns with income above £50,000 need to prepare for MTD SA now. We have been preparing for MTD and can advise you on the best options for your business.